Voicing Ethical Values

Voicing Ethical Values

voicing ethical values

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Values abound at UCCS in different codes and statements, but these four can be found across the university and form the foundation of our commitment to ethical behavior.  




We value honesty, fairness and strong moral values. We expect ethical behavior from each member of the campus community in all interactions. We uphold our commitments and are honest with everyone we meet.

  • Displaying honesty and sincerity in all that we do
  • Adhering to the highest professional and academic standards
  • Modeling ethical behavior for students and peers

We value positive and productive relationships, which flourish in an atmosphere of mutual trust and trustworthiness. Within the university, we rely on our colleagues, student workers, and campus partners as we meet our responsibilities. Within the larger community, we actively seek opportunities to collaborate, build partnerships, and engage with external organizations

  • Working together toward shared goals
  • Providing and receiving feedback respectfully
  • Building trust in all stakeholder relationships


We value all members of our campus community and work together to provide a safe, supportive, and inclusive campus environment. It is our shared responsibility to foster mutual respect and understanding, and to prepare our students to thrive within the multicultural realities of our local and global communities.

  • Honoring the rights, freedoms, perspectives, and property of others
  • Engaging in discussions with open minds and a spirit of kindness
  • Honoring the full spectrum of backgrounds, social identities, abilities, cultures, perspectives, and university roles

We value individual and institutional accountability for all actions, policies, and decisions that affect our campus community. We acknowledge that we are the ones who determine our reputations. Students are our reason for being, and we hold ourselves accountable for how our behaviors and choices affect student learning outcomes and well-being.

  • Committing to excellence
  • Taking ownership of our words and actions
  • Holding ourselves and others accountable