Veteran and Military Student Affairs


Veteran and Military Student Affairs

Important Reporting Dates

February Title Description Statute(s)/Other Authority


Yellow Ribbon Participation Renewal

In order to participate in the GI-Bill Yellow Ribbon Program and receive matching funds from Veterans Administration, the institution must submit completed Yellow Ribbon Participation Agreements by February 15 of year for the following academic year. (NOTE: The deadline was extended to May in 2009, 2010, and 2011).


April Title Description Statute(s)/Other Authority


VA Benefit Compliance Survey

The purpose of a compliance survey is to advise your school of the laws and regulations governing the payment of
education benefits to VA beneficiaries and to examine the records of specific beneficiaries to ensure the propriety of
payments. The authority for examination of student records is found in Title 38, United States Code, Section 3690(c). The
privacy of items submitted will be maintained and appropriate disposals will be made of those items not retained for record purposes.
The Compliance Auditor will examine 45 student records (VA files) from the period of 8/24/2014 through 12/18/2015

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Veterans Education

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