Student Affairs Calendar


Student Affairs Calendar

Important Reporting Dates

July Title Description Statute(s)/Other Authority


Academic Program Review and Academic Planning Report

Summarizes and conveys the reports from the prior year's academic program reviews and the follow-up reports from the departments that underwent review over the prior three years.  In addition, likely new programs to be brought forward for approval over the upcoming year and the next five years are reported.


September Title Description Statute(s)/Other Authority


Drug-Free Schools and Communities Act: Annual Distribution

Annual distribution to students and employees the institution's standards of conduct with respect to illegal drugs and alcohol, a description of the applicable legal sanctions and health risks; as well as availability of drug and alcohol counseling available to employees and students. Must also include a statement on sanctions the institution will impose for violation of the standards of conduct. The distribution method used must be one that ensures that the information will reach every student, faculty member, and employee. The University's current practice of including the information in the Student Handbook meets this requirement as long as each individual student is offered an actual copy of the handbook during matriculation. Suggested to occur concurrent with beginning of academic year.


October Title Description Statute(s)/Other Authority


Campus Security Act: Annual Security Report

The Campus Security Act requires colleges to report campus crime statistics and security measures to all students and employees by October 1 of each year. The report can be provided through publications, mailings, or electronic media sent directly to individuals. If it is posted to a website, notice must be sent through U.S. mail, campus mail, or directly to the email address of all enrolled students and current employees. [The notice must include the following: 1) identification of the information required to be disclosed, 2) the exact electronic web site address, 3) a statement that the individual is entitled to a paper copy, upon request, and 4) information as to how the individual can request a paper copy.] Information noting the availability of the campus security report, including an opportunity to request a copy, must be included in appropriate publications, mailings, and/or electronic communications to prospective students. Information regarding the availability of this report must be made to prospective employees. The annual security report must also be submitted to the Secretary of Education (over the internet) each year, by Oct. 15th of each year.



Campus Sex Crimes Prevention Act

This law requires a statement advising the campus community where law enforcement agency information provided by a State concerning registered sex offenders may be obtained, such as the law enforcement office of the institution, a local law enforcement agency with jurisdiction for the campus, or a computer network address. Notification may be accomplished by adding the statement to the Annual Security Report required by the Campus Security Act. Suggested deadline of Oct. 1 of each year to coincide with Annual Security Report.


December Title Description Statute(s)/Other Authority


Drug-Free Schools and Communities Act: Biennial Review

By the end of every even-numbered calendar year, the University must conduct a biennial review covering the two-year period preceding that year. The biennial review must assess the University's efforts to comply with the annual distribution requirements of the Drug-Free Schools and Communities Act to 1) determine effectiveness and implement changes if necessary, and 2) ensure that sanctions are developed and enforced consistently. The University must keep a copy of the biennial review, as well as a "certification" signed by the President indicating that he has read the report and will act on its recommendations. These documents must be made available to the Dept. of Education upon request.