Facilities Alterations and Adaptations

Facilities Alterations and Adaptations (400-011)

The University of Colorado Colorado Springs (UCCS) fosters education, research, and service missions through the effective utilization of space. This policy applies to the allocation of space to be assigned and utilized in such a manner as to promote cooperation, collegiality, and synergy in education, student services and research enterprises. The Campus Space Management policy (400-006) assumes a flexible allocation of space, with the capability to increase or decrease the resources available to any school/unit as needs change.

This policy further states that the Vice Chancellor for Administration and Finance (VCAF) has overall responsibility for the equitable and optimum use of space resources and final authority over all space allocations and assignments. It is recognized that sometimes the reallocation of space, the adoption of space, the re-purposing of space or upgrade of space may require the facility to be altered. The overall responsibility and the final authority for these alternations lie with the VCAF.

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