Discrimination and Harassment

Office of Institutional Equity (formerly Office of Discrimination and Harassment)

The office investigates allegations of discrimination, harassment and related retaliation based upon an individual’s Protected Class.  This office does not have the authority to impose discipline. The appointing authority is the disciplinary authority for an employee respondent. The Office of the Dean of Students is the disciplinary authority for student respondents (719-255-3091).

For the UCCS campus, the OIE Officers are appointed by the Chancellor.  All allegations of harassment or discrimination by faculty, staff or students are investigated by the Office of Institutional Equity.  The Officers may appoint an investigator to conduct the investigations.  Contact the Office of Institutional Equity to schedule an appointment at 719-255-4324 or by email at equity@uccs.edu. The Office of Institutional Equity is located in the Academic Office Building in Room 528 and 530.

OIE Policies and Procedures

UCCS Discrimination & Harassment Policy (300-017)



UCCS Police: https://police.uccs.edu/


University of Colorado Regent Policy:

APS 5014- Sexual Harassment Policy

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