Community/Media Relations

Media Relations serves as UCCS’s official communication link to local, regional, and national media.

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Related Policies:

Commercial & Solicitation Activities (800-001)

The University’s “General Policy on the Use of University Facilities” sets certain guidelines and restrictions for commercial activities on the campus.


Social Media Policy (800-002)

The University of Colorado at Colorado Springs recognizes that social media platforms provide unique opportunities to participate in interactive discussions and share information. However, the use of social media can pose risks to the university’s confidential and proprietary information, reputation, and can compromise the university’s compliance with laws and regulations. To minimize these risks, the procedures set forth herein must be followed by colleges, departments, organizations, clubs, employees, and students who create an Official UCCS Social Media Site or use Social Media for Official UCCS Communications.


Advertising, Sponsorships or Other Forms of Acknowledgement on UCCS Websites & Publications (800-003)

Faculty, staff, and students may not sell non-UCCS advertising or advertise non-UCCS goods or services on UCCS websites or in UCCS publications. Any exception for non-UCCS advertising must be approved as provided for in this policy.

Faculty, staff, and students may acknowledge support and sponsorships by non-UCCS parties on UCCS websites and in UCCS publications. The acknowledgement must be consistent with the teaching, research, and public service mission of UCCS, must not advertise or endorse the nonUCCS party or business, and must comply with other standards in this policy.

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