Athletic Compliance

From the UCCS Athletics Compliance Web Page:

The Office of Athletics Compliance coordinates the University’s compliance efforts and acts as a resource center concerning NCAA regulations and compliance issues. The primary functions of the Office of Athletics Compliance are to coordinate, administer, monitor and verify the accurate and timely completion of NCAA-required procedures and to assist in maintaining institutional compliance with the NCAA, RMAC, and University rules, as well as reporting any violations of those rules. In addition, the Office of Athletics Compliance provides interpretive support to ensure that all individuals involved with the athletics program fully understand the University’s compliance expectations. 

The Office of Athletics Compliance Services is located in University Center Rm #306 and is operated at the direction and oversight of the Athletics Compliance Officer. The Athletics Compliance Officer reports directly to the Director of Intercollegiate Athletics and maintains a dual reporting line to the RMAC Assistant Commissioner regarding compliance-related matters. For directions to the Office of Athletics Compliance please contact the Athletics Compliance Officer. 

Athletics Compliance Officer: Alex Koehler


Phone: 719-255-3679



Intercollegiate Athletics Advisory Committee (1000-001)

The mission of the Intercollegiate Athletics Advisory Committee (IAAC) is to serve as the primary oversight group for all aspects of the University’s intercollegiate athletics program. It shall work closely with the UCCS Athletic Director to recommend policies and serve as a sounding board for the department. The campus philosophy of “student-athletes” shall guide the committee in all of its actions.

The IAAC reports directly to the Chancellor. Since it serves in an advisory role, it shall submit written reports of any motions to the Chancellor and copies of these reports will be sent to the President of the Faculty Senate.

Campus Eligibility to Compete in Intercollegiate Athletics (1000-002)

A policy to provide a nurturing environment where students can succeed academically, to maintain the academic integrity of the athletic program, to provide a framework that allows student athletes to take responsibility for maintaining their eligibility, and to allow a mechanism for exceptions when circumstances warrant.

Missed Class Time for Athletics (1000-003)

This policy governs minimum attendance as mandated by NCAA Bylaw for athletic eligibility and does not bind individual faculty members who may require a higher level of attendance.

Regent Policy 10D: No Discrimination in Intercollegiate Athletics

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