Latest News


Latest News

December 2018: Internal Audit-hosted event brings together compliance community. Read the CU Connections article.

October 2018: October Coffee with Compliance focuses on protection of children on campus. Read the Communique article.

September 2018: Covey shares business case for high trust. Read the Communique article.

August 2018: Covey to deliver keynote at 2018 Ethics First Event. Read the Communique article.

February 2018: Employees can report ethics concerns in multiple ways. Read the Communique article.

January 2018: Coffee with Compliance discusses the dif-fur-ence between service animals and comfort animals

October 2017: Compliance Office launches one-stop website. Read the Communique article.

October 2017: Ethics First Event held on October 5th. Read the Communique article.

September 2017: CU Code of Conduct Communication from CU Connections and the CU System Office

September 2017: Department of Education Issues New Interim Guidance on Campus Sexual Misconduct (PDF)

August 2017:  Coffee with Compliance rolls out the 2017 Ethics Survey results

April 2017: Coffee with Compliance addresses website accessibility

April 2017: Ethics Survey

February 2017:  New Guidance on Corporate Compliance Programs (PDF) 

August 2016: Department of Education releases Dear Colleague letter for Protecting Student Medical Records (PDF)

July 2016: Department of Education releases Dear Colleague Letter relating to Protecting Student Information

May 2016: Department of Education releases Dear Colleague letter for Transgender Students (PDF)

April 21st, 2016: Coffee with Compliance Scheduled for April 21

October 22, 2015: Got questions? Compliance coffee session promises answers

September 9, 2015: Memo from Deputy Attorney General, Sally Quillian Yates: Individual Accountability for Corporate Wrongdoing

July 1, 2015: UCCS hires first Compliance Director