Athletic Director Calendar


Athletic Director Calendar

Important Reporting Dates

January Title Description Statute(s)/Other Authority


NCAA Membership Financial Reporting

NCAA Schedules of expenses and revenues in accordance with NCAA agreed upon procedures

NCAA Bylaw 6.2.3

March Title Description Statute(s)/Other Authority


NCAA Graduation Success Rate

Reporting process for the graduation and academic success for Division II student-athletes. Initial contact is sent via US Mail to the President and Athletic Director. Information is then completed and submitted online to the NCAA. This report is part of the NCAA

NCAA Bylaw

June Title Description Statute(s)/Other Authority


NCAA Graduation Rates

Graduation rates are submitted electronically and are due by June 1st each year, as part of a two part certification process that culminates in early July.



NCAA Academic Progress Report

Part of NCAA Academic Performance Program.  Data includes reporting on the eligibility and retention of student-athletes on athletic scholarship. Report is due no later than 6 weeks after the first day of classes for the fall semester.

NCAA Bylaw, &

July Title Description Statute(s)/Other Authority


NCAA Sport Sponsorship / Institutional Demographic

Required report for institutions to be eligible for NCAA Championships. Initial contact is sent via email to Athletic Directors and Compliance Coordinators.  Reports are completed and submitted via the NCAA web-site

NCAA Bylaw 20.9.4


NCAA Coaches Certification Exam

Yearly certification for all countable coaching staff members. Certification allows coaching staff members to recruit off campus. Education and review in May. Test taking dates in June. Annual certification runs through July 31st.

NCAA Bylaw

11.5.1 and

NCAA Bylaw


August Title Description Statute(s)/Other Authority


RMAC Commitment Form

Yearly form submitted to conference office (RMAC) declaring commitment and participation in the next cycle of the National Letter of Intent Program



NCAA Sport Sponsorship and Demographic Report

The report confirms sponsorship of each varsity intercollegiate team and also contains race and demographic information.

Demo Report

September Title Description Statute(s)/Other Authority


NCAA Financial Aid Report

NCAA Schedules of expenses and revenues in accordance with NCAA agreed upon procedures


October Title Description Statute(s)/Other Authority


Equity in Athletics Disclosure Act

NCAA member institutions are required to submit an annual report that includes data regarding the financial aid packages awarded by the institution to freshmen and incoming transfer student-athletes and to other incoming students.

Athletics Disclosure

Other Title Description Statute(s)/Other Authority

Available Upon Request

NCAA Self Study Report

NCAA member institutions are required to conduct a comprehensive self-study and evaluation of their intercollegiate athletics programs at least once every five years, using the Institutional Self-Study Guide (ISSG). The report of the self-study, as well as the