Unrestricted Funds and General Fund Carryforward

Unrestricted Funds and General Fund Carryforward (500-013)

This policy establishes consistent and appropriate reporting and categorizing of fund balances that make up unrestricted net position (Fund Balance) in all funds at the University of Colorado Colorado Springs (“UCCS” or “University”). This policy promotes the efficient use of funding and aids in the formulation of spending plans that support the mission and goals of the University.

General and Administrative Recharge (GAR) Rate Calculation

General and Administrative Recharge (GAR) Rate Calculation (500-011)

This policy establishes guidelines and methods for calculating and assessing General and Administrative Recharge (GAR) costs. These charges are common infrastructure costs that were previously paid by the General Fund and to appropriately allocate these costs to Auxiliary and Agency Funds. This policy does not apply to sponsored projects, gifts, student aid programs or appropriated funds.

Credit Card Processing Fee

Credit Card Processing Fee (500-010)

This campus policy establishes a fee to be charged for credit cards processed for auxiliaries by the Student Financial Services office at the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs (UCCS). This fee is based upon an average of the discount rates charged by companies whose credit cards are accepted by UCCS (currently VISA, MasterCard, and American Express). These discount rates vary by company and also vary based on whether the credit card is present for the transaction and a swipe terminal is used or the credit card information is manually entered when the credit card is not present.

One-Month Salary Sweep

One -Month Salary Sweep (500-004)

Leadership Team has agreed that the policy to temporarily sweep one-month of salary from vacated classified positions and positions exempted from the state personnel system will continue indefinitely. The Budget and Planning Office is responsible for all budget entries. This applies to general fund (fund 10 only) positions and does not include faculty lines of any type.