Animals on Campus

Animals on Campus (400-012)

The University of Colorado Colorado Springs (UCCS) recognizes that individuals with certain types of disabilities may require animal assistance while on campus. UCCS is committed to making reasonable accommodations to its rules, policies, and practices when necessary to afford individuals with disabilities an equal opportunity to access its programs, services, and activities. For more information related to disabilities and reasonable accommodations, please see UCCS Policy 300-021 “Disability Access and Accommodation.”

Facilities Alterations and Adaptations

Facilities Alterations and Adaptations (400-011)

The University of Colorado Colorado Springs (UCCS) fosters education, research, and service missions through the effective utilization of space. This policy applies to the allocation of space to be assigned and utilized in such a manner as to promote cooperation, collegiality, and synergy in education, student services and research enterprises. The Campus Space Management policy (Policy Number: 400-006) assumes a flexible allocation of space, with the capability to increase or decrease the resources available to any school/unit as needs change.

This policy further states that the Vice Chancellor for Administration and Finance (VCAF) has overall responsibility for the equitable and optimum use of space resources and final authority over all space allocations and assignments. It is recognized that sometimes the reallocation of space, the adoption of space, the re-purposing of space or upgrade of space may require the facility to be altered. The overall responsibility and the final authority for these alternations lie with the VCAF.

Memorial Designations on Campus

Memorial Designations on Campus (400-010)

It is the policy of the University of Colorado Colorado Springs to make available to its community the opportunity to memorialize deceased students, faculty, staff, and friends of the University in ways that will enhance the campus and benefit current and future students. At the same time, it is important that any memorial designations fit into the overall physical environment of the campus and that they be placed in areas where future construction is not anticipated. The University has established a process whereby those who wish to memorialize deceased members of the University community may do so according to the procedures outlined herein.

Distribution of Free Publications on the Campus of the University of Colorado Colorado Springs

Distribution of Free Publications on the Campus of the University of Colorado Colorado Springs (400-008)

The purpose of this policy is to establish requirements and standards for the placement of all free publications and newspaper distribution racks in academic, research, auxiliary, and administrative buildings (“Buildings”) and on all grounds, sidewalks and property owned and/or operated by the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs.

Naming University Facilities

Naming University Facilities (400-005)

The University of Colorado at Colorado Springs (UCCS) welcomes the opportunity to honor those who have rendered distinguished service or support to the university. The conferring of a naming honor should advance the reputation of UCCS as well as increase the awareness, understanding and public support for the university and its programs. Facilities and interior spaces may be named for individuals or entities whose accomplishments or generosity advance and/or increase the capacity of UCCS to meet its overall mission of education. To ensure the appropriateness of the honor, UCCS will adhere to the following guidelines to make decisions on the merits of each opportunity with regard to naming facilities and interior spaces. All naming guidelines at UCCS will adhere to University of Colorado Board of Regents Policy 14-J.

Hazardous Material Management

Hazardous Material Management (400-002)

The University’s “General Policy regarding Hazardous Materials Management” sets certain guidelines and restrictions for the use and disposal of hazardous materials by any member of the university community be they faculty, retired faculty, administrator, professional exempt staff, classified staff, temporary employee, student, contractor or any individual or company using university property, equipment or resources.