General Student Complaints

General Student Complaints (600-002)

UCCS encourages students to report complaints so that the university may discuss their complaints with them in a professional manner. UCCS also encourages informal resolution through direct communication with the individuals involved. Formal complaints will be considered if the student has properly exhausted the informal processes.

This policy establishes the process and provides guidance for general student complaints and addresses how UCCS collects, records, maintains and acts upon these complaints. This policy does not cover student complaints or appeals that are addressable by other specific procedures mandated by law and/or described in other university policies or procedures. In those cases, such other specific procedures, rather than this policy, must be followed.

Student Response Team

Student Response Team (600-001)

Mission of the Team: The Student Response Team will assess and coordinate responses to significant campus situations and events involving University of Colorado Colorado Springs (UCCS) students, which require intervention in order to assist the community and its members to return to a more balanced equilibrium. These events may include: death or significant trauma, problematic student situations involving medical or psychological concerns, and campus emergency situations that directly affect the well-being of students. The Student Response Team has the authority to respond and coordinate intervention to all student crisis incidents with the concurrence of the Chancellor.

Issues of inappropriate student conduct are referred to the Dean of Students. Allegations of criminal wrong doing will be referred to the campus police. Allegations of sexual harassment and/or discrimination shall be referred to the Office of Institutional Equity in accordance with university policy.