Post-tenure Review

Post-tenure Review (200-016)

Tenure is granted with the expectation of continued professional growth and ongoing productivity in teaching, research/creative work, clinical activity, and service. Thus, every tenured faculty member has a duty to maintain professional competence. The purposes of post-tenure review (PTR) are: (1) to facilitate continued faculty development, consistent with the academic needs and goals of the University and the most effective use of institutional resources; and (2) to ensure professional accountability by a regular, comprehensive evaluation of every tenured faculty member’s performance.

Faculty Assembly Governance

Faculty Assembly Governance (200-015)

This policy is to codify the Faculty Assembly relationship with the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs (UCCS) Administration. For the purposes of this policy, the term “Faculty Assembly” is the faculty governing body of the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs and it includes faculty who have at least a 50% faculty appointment, the Faculty Assembly Officers, and the Faculty Assembly Representatives from each college and the library as defined by the University of Colorado Faculty Assembly Constitution and Bylaws. This policy will be reviewed every three years.

Program Discontinuance

Program Discontinuance (200-014)

The Board of Regents may decide to discontinue an academic program for educational, strategic, and/or financial reasons. This policy sets forth the process for making recommendations to the Board of Regents for program discontinuance in conjunction with the System Administrative Policy Statement entitled: “Program Discontinuance Policies as Adopted by the Board of Regents and Administrative Guidelines for Implementing Program Discontinuance Policies.”