Faculty/Staff Response Team

Faculty/Staff Response Team (100-009)

The Faculty/Staff Response Team (FSRT) will assess and coordinate responses to significant campus situations and events involving UCCS faculty and staff, which require intervention in order to assist the community and its members to return to a more balanced equilibrium. These events may include: a death or significant trauma, problematic faculty/staff situations involving medical or psychological concerns, or
campus emergency situations that directly affect the well-being of faculty/staff. The FSRT has the authority to respond and coordinate intervention to all faculty/staff crisis incidents with the concurrence of the Chancellor.

UCCS Peak Award for Lifelong Commitment Policy

UCCS Peak Award for Lifelong Commitment Policy (100-006)

The UCCS Peak Award for Lifelong Commitment recognizes the outstanding commitment and leadership of an active or retired UCCS faculty or staff member whose contributions to the campus over a sustained period of time far exceed the scope of their job description. The UCCS Peak Award is awarded to individuals who have initiated and fostered clearly identifiable and enduring innovations that have transformed the character of the UCCS campus and community.

Alcohol Policy

Alcohol Policy (100-003)

The University of Colorado at Colorado Springs students, staff, and faculty are responsible for creating the best possible community for teaching and learning. One aspect of that responsibility is the publication of clear alcohol policies.

The information presented in this document will help you understand what the policies are and also help you meet the standards of the policies by providing relevant guidelines for implementing University requirements.

UCCS Campus and Mountain Lion Logo

UCCS Campus and Mountain Lion Logo (100-002)

The University of Colorado has trademarked a UCCS Campus logo and a Mountain Lion athletic logo (a copy of the logos is attached to this policy). This policy sets out the appropriate use of these logos by campus departments and student organizations. It also creates an administrative process for approval of use of the logo and an administrative control structure to ensure the proper use of the logo.

Campus Policy Process

Campus Policy Process (100-001)

This policy provides guidance in the development of other campus policies for the effective administration of the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs.

This policy sets forth the authority and establishes the methodology for the creation of campus specific policies that pertain to the operation of the entire campus community.

It establishes the responsibilities and process to be used for the creation of campus policies that themselves establish responsibilities, objectives, and processes to be utilized in campus operations.