Principles of Ethical Behavior

From the University of Colorado Board of Regents:

The Laws of the Regents Article 1, Part D, makes members of the university community responsible for understanding and upholding the highest standards of legal and ethical conduct. The Principles of Ethical Behavior as outlined are not intended to be a comprehensive catalogue of all university rules and policies. Rather, these principles set forth the underlying expectations regarding the conduct and activities of university employees.”

Policy 1C Principles of Ethical Behavior

Training related to Ethical Principles

Daniels Fund Ethics Initiative at UCCS

The Daniels Fund Ethics Initiative was launched in 2010 to advance principle-based ethics education in business schools. The ethics initiative promotes principles as a constant foundation for personal and organizational ethical decision-making and leadership.  The College of Business at UCCS is one of the eight original participating schools in the initiative and an active member of the Daniels Fund Ethics Consortium.

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The University of Colorado is committed to conducting its affairs ethically and in accordance with federal and state laws and regulations as well as university policy. Each member of the faculty and staff is expected to share in this responsibility. The University of Colorado is also committed to preventing, detecting, and correcting violations of applicable laws, regulations, and policies. Thus, the university has chosen EthicsPoint to provide employees with a simple, anonymous method to confidentially report:

  • allegations of fiscal misconduct by university employees,
  • violations of federal or state law,
  • serious or recurring violations of university policy in the performance of university duties,
  • gross waste of university funds and property, and
  • serious or recurring abuse of university authority (improper conduct).

For more information on filing a report, please visit the EthicsPoint website: