Student Employment

Student Employment (300-020)

The University’s policy on Student Employment sets certain requirements, restrictions, and guidelines for the employment of UCCS students utilizing any University of Colorado financial source (i.e., fund, speedtype) regardless of whether the student is engaged in work on campus or off campus. This policy is in compliance with the Internal Revenue Service which considers the University of Colorado, which includes the Anschutz, Boulder, Denver, and Colorado Springs campuses as well as the CU system office as one employer. Additional procedures regarding student employment are available in the UCCS Student Employment Handbook located on the Student Employment website.


Five-Year Comprehensive Evaluations

Five-Year Comprehensive Evaluations (300-019)

The purpose of this policy is to outline the UCCS campus practice and process for completion of five-year comprehensive evaluations of the performance of vice chancellors, deans of schools, colleges and libraries, vice provosts and associate vice chancellors by the Chancellor or supervising authority, as applicable.

Working Title Changes for Vice Chancellors and Associate Vice Chancellors

Working Title Changes for Vice Chancellors and Associate Vice Chancellors (300-018)

The purpose of this policy is to establish a procedure for eligible vice chancellors and associate vice chancellors to receive a title change. This policy does not apply to a promotion of a vice chancellor or associate vice chancellor because of a permanent change in job duties or responsibilities resulting in a pay increase, but is intended as recognition for meritorious service. This policy only applies to employees holding an Associate Vice Chancellor or Vice Chancellor title.

Unrestricted Funds and General Fund Carryforward

Unrestricted Funds and General Fund Carryforward (500-013)

This policy establishes consistent and appropriate reporting and categorizing of fund balances that make up unrestricted net position (Fund Balance) in all funds at the University of Colorado Colorado Springs (“UCCS” or “University”). This policy promotes the efficient use of funding and aids in the formulation of spending plans that support the mission and goals of the University.

Facilities Alterations and Adaptations

Facilities Alterations and Adaptations (400-011)

The University of Colorado Colorado Springs (UCCS) fosters education, research, and service missions through the effective utilization of space. This policy applies to the allocation of space to be assigned and utilized in such a manner as to promote cooperation, collegiality, and synergy in education, student services and research enterprises. The Campus Space Management policy (Policy Number: 400-006) assumes a flexible allocation of space, with the capability to increase or decrease the resources available to any school/unit as needs change.

This policy further states that the Vice Chancellor for Administration and Finance (VCAF) has overall responsibility for the equitable and optimum use of space resources and final authority over all space allocations and assignments. It is recognized that sometimes the reallocation of space, the adoption of space, the re-purposing of space or upgrade of space may require the facility to be altered. The overall responsibility and the final authority for these alternations lie with the VCAF.

Memorial Designations on Campus

Memorial Designations on Campus (400-010)

It is the policy of the University of Colorado Colorado Springs to make available to its community the opportunity to memorialize deceased students, faculty, staff, and friends of the University in ways that will enhance the campus and benefit current and future students. At the same time, it is important that any memorial designations fit into the overall physical environment of the campus and that they be placed in areas where future construction is not anticipated. The University has established a process whereby those who wish to memorialize deceased members of the University community may do so according to the procedures outlined herein.

UCCS Art Collection

UCCS Art Collection (100-012)

The University of Colorado Colorado Springs (UCCS) students, staff, and faculty are responsible for creating the best possible community for teaching and learning. One aspect of this mission is to inspire, to educate, and to enhance the visual arts on campus. The UCCS Art Collection includes art objects which have significant aesthetic, historical, cultural and market value, and provide significant opportunities for teaching. Much of the Collection is on public display throughout the campus. The Collection is the property of The Regents of the University of Colorado, a body corporate. As employees of UCCS, faculty and staff members are stewards of the Collection. This policy provides guidance to all members of the UCCS community responsible for UCCS artwork in their care.